The Divingusto Festival 2011

Divingusto Festival 2011


There is much excitement about the forthcoming Divingusto Festival.  Now in its third year, the festival will return to the historic centre of Ceglie Messapica on the 6th and 7th August for a weekend of food and wine from the town, and further afield in Puglia.

The Divingusto Festival features our region’s very best products, from small producers as well as larger food and wine companies.

This year we are welcoming the Abergavenny Food Festival.  The most important food festival in Wales will be in Ceglie Messapica to introduce its food and to show how Italian and quality foreign cooking can be mutually appreciated.  

The Abergavenny Food Festival is a celebration of culinary traditions and the conviviality of breaking bread together.  The ethos of the Welsh festival and that of the Divingusto Festival, links both towns by rejecting mass tourism and spreading the knowledge of their prized local products.

The Divingusto Festival however comprises far more than food and wine.  Take time during the festival to wander through the charming Centro Storico enjoying tastings, live music, craft demonstrations or a photography exhibition.  Be sure not to miss cooking demonstrations by famous chefs from around the world!  All these ingredients come together to make the Divingusto Festival the ideal opportunity to encounter international chefs, exchange culinary knowledge and tastes, and enjoy the best local produce and specialities.  


The end of the second edition of Puglia Divingusto Food & Wine Festival 2010


Positive results for the second edition of the festival dedicated to excellent food and wine from Puglia. Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 July, Divingusto - Puglia Food & Wine Festival brought thousands of experts and gourmets to the historic center of Ceglie Messapica (Br).

The festival, which aims to promote and enhance the excellent food and wine from Puglia, managed to carve out a prominent space among the regional-specific events, reinforcing the quality of the territory of Ceglie.
Along the narrow streets and the square of the old city, artisans and major brands introduced the best of their products to bring out the authentic culture of Apulia, with tastings of wines and local dishes and cooking demonstrations by top chefs

The outdoor large kitchen for the Live Performance Food became a meeting point between the traditions represented by chef from Ceglie and the global innovation proposed by Jane Baxter, awarded chef of the Field Kitchen Restaurant in the Riverford Organic's farm, famous for being the first in the UK to have adopted biological products.

Interesting the presence of Antonio Carluccio, one of the best known Italian chefs in the United Kingdom and a special guest of this second edition of the Festival Divingusto: the Ducal Palace was the setting for a lively interview in which Carluccio revealed all the secrets of his career, four decades long, studded with success.

The food was just one of many pieces that made ​​up the mosaic Divingusto Festival: the way chosen by the organization of the event planned a cooking workshop for the younger, the photo exhibition “La terra, la vite, le mani” by Japanese Keiko Kato and Maika Masuko artists, conferences and book presentations on specific topics relating to marketing and food, demonstrations of traditional crafts by local artisans. Ceglie was the food&wine and the entertainment Capital, appreciated by adults and children, foreign journalists and sommeliers come from Wales and England.

Wales will receive Divingusto Festival: next 18 and 19 September, the festival of our products will be present as ambassador at Abergavenny Food Festival. Now in its twelfth edition, this popular and established festival is followed every year by more than 30,000 visitors from all over the world.

Fun and informal, here the event is devoted to the most authentic food and wine of the region and of the United Kingdom, with great personalities not only of the cooking, but also from musical and literary world.

After the success in Italy, Divingusto is already ready to experience all the hospitality and the joy at Abergavenny Festival, to remark the identity and history of our region and Italy through its gastronomic traditions.


In Ceglie Messapica the international cuicine of Antonio Carluccio, Jane Baxter and Jorge González Carmona

Also this year the 24th and the 25th of July, during the Live Food Performance the big outdoor kitchen is back with some of the greatest international chefs that will reveal us the secrets of their art.

The suggestive Piazza Plebiscito square, with its tower and its palms, in all the two Divingusto - Puglia Food & Wine Festival 2010 nights, will be the stage scenery where some internationally renowned chefs will show us step by step recipes methods prepared with local, fresh and easily available ingredients so that everybody could make it at home.
Coordinated by Domenico Maggi, that with his 40 years of promotion of the Italian cuisine tradition is considered the Pugllia gastronomy ambassador in the world, we will see together with the most prestigious restaurants chefs of Ceglie Messapica, experts like Jane Baxter e Sam Miller from U.K. and  Jorge González Carmona from Spain.
On the Live Food Performance stage also Jane Baxter, with her inseparable collegue Samantha Miller. They both work for the Field Kitchen, a famous restaurant placed into the Riverford Organic’s farm, the first one to have taken measures for a cultivation completely biological..
Fond of all the South cuisine, Jane has a real obsession for all the season foods, so much so the menu of his restaurant changes on the basis of the daily harvest in the Riverford Organic’s fields.
Jorge González Carmona, in the end, is the executive Chef of one of the foremost Spain restaurant, the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. Despite his young age, he has already had a successful career in the most prestigious restaurants in Europe. His particular gastronomical “creations” are the result of an unique combinations of seasonal produce and a perfect balance of tradition and innovation.
And also, special guest of this 2010 edition, Antonio Carluccio. Of Campania region origin, Antonio Carluccio moved in London in young age and here he opened the first Carluccio's Caffè that, in few years, became one of the most famous café chains  in London.
One of the most appreciated chef abroad, Carluccio is also a famous cuisine book  author and a brilliant anchor of various BBC culinary programmes.  Also thanks to his promotion of the Italian gastronomy worldwide, in the 1998 he was rewarded of the title of  “Commendatore O.M.R.I.” by the Italian President of the Republic and in the 2007 also received a OBE.

Quando l’eredità è un biscotto
There are no translations available.


Il segreto che riguarda il giusto dosaggio e i tempi di cottura è gelosamente custodito dalle anziane signore e forse non sarà mai svelato, ma gli ingredienti di base del biscotto cegliese sono ormai noti. Ingredienti semplici come uova, zucchero e soprattutto mandorle e marmellata di ciliegia o di amarena, ma che hanno una peculiarità importante: devono essere del luogo.

Le mandorle, infatti devono essere principalmente della varietà cegliese (du riviézz, cioè del pettirosso, giacché è talmente tenera e succosa da essere fortemente gradita ai piccoli pennuti), le ciliege della qualità detta capa di serpa o mascialora o ancora cirasona e infine l’uva per la confettura quella caratteristica dei vitigni autoctoni brindisini.

Questi dolci tipici in passato erano indispensabili sulle tavole delle famiglie contadine in occasione delle feste importanti e dei banchetti nuziali, mentre oggi sono venduti in tutti i bar e le pasticcerie di Ceglie oltre ad essere offerti in tutti i ristoranti della zona in una versione magari non proprio originale ma comunque gustosa.

Tuttavia essi rappresentano una vera e propria eredità della tradizione artigianale e contadina della nostra terra, ecco perché dopo un lungo e articolato percorso U pescquet, nome con cui i locali chiamano questo biscotto di forma quadrangolare irregolare il 3 giugno 2010 ha finalmente ottenuto il riconoscimento di “Presidio” da parte di Slow Food.

Appuntamento quindi al Divingusto - Puglia Food & wine festival per assaggiare il biscotto cegliese e magari riuscire a carpire il segreto della sua bontà.

Consorzio Biscotto Cegliese

Ceglie Messapica, art and legend



From a distance, the Ceglie Messapica profile, appears like a postcard scenery: the tower stands proudly upon the hill at a height of 300 metres framed by a tangle of white narrow streets.
Imbued with legends, its ancient origins and its history are strictly joint to the Messapica civilization which gave the name to the city and left a big heritage that today is still visible in the old town centre.
Following the tradition, the birth of this amazing town is attributable to the mythical people of the Pelasgi that came from Eastern and built the five boundary walls the so-called Specchie, that are particular structures formed by huge blocks.
Around the 700 a.C, after the Greeks landing, the city was renamed Kailìa. In this period the architecture of the city started to take shape. Besides the fortifications that today are just few ruins know as "Paretone", also rose firsts out of town temples dedicated to the Hellenic divinities.  
Became military capital of the Messapi people, the ancient Ceglie run into a war against the Greek Taranto, that in short time subdued in succession all the Messapi territories.
In addition to the walls today  belonging to this period we can still admire the necropolis,  a lot of inscriptions, coins, pots that nevertheless are spread in several private collections.
Where now there is the ancient district, in the past there were the most important public buildings and the temples of the protector divinities oriented toward the big  agorà (today Largo Ognissanti).

In the Romanic age, after this last defeat, the city decayed to a little village. It was just thanks to some liege lords first, and thanks to some rich families later, that at the beginning of the  XX century, the city  regained a period of new growth and an increase of population.




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